44. Birth of a Tyrant

[2nd Prince's Palace]

The Empress, Kalliste sat face to face with Azazel, a delighted smile on her face.

Azazel, on the other hand, was different; his gaze was vacant, and his hands were dripping with sweat.

Kalliste had informed him about how she had viciously killed Olivier after he had entered her office without permission.

Of course, that was just act to drew Azazel's anger.

"... Azazel, you should have educated your dog. It goes the same for everyone."

Her eyes narrowed as she calmly sipped a cup of tea, continuing to infuriate Azazel.

Azazel was beyond outraged, to the point that he couldn't even speak.

They were laughing behind the Empress' back only a few days before, but now the Empress was laughing right in front of him.

After hearing it from the person he despises, he was distraught.

"Oh my Azazel~ no need to be that surprised. Didn't I come here as you requested and speak with you face to face?"

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