46. Crown Prince

"Did the rumors reach you?"

"About the Crown Prince being a paedophile?"

"Yes, yes! That!"

"Even rumors stated he raped a number of children!"

"It was obvious to me! Not only the aristocrats are wrong in their head, even the Crown Prince, the future of this Empire is the same kind of trash!"

"... we're doomed."

"His second highness is fitting to the throne! While the Crown Prince is hiding inside his room, he brings many victories!"

"You're right!"

Thanks to Azazel by spreading such rumors according to the information Olivier gave, it became a hot topic overnight.

Everyone was talking about it till it reached the ears of the Empress.

The Empress, who had heard everything, turned to face Crown Prince Drystan with a frown on her face.

"...... both his majesty and I keep your filthy secret so carefully hidden... just how?!!"

Drystan, who was terrified by the Empress, responded with a shake of his head.<

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