63. Fool

"So, what do you want to talk about?"

Valac sat in his chair and rested both of his legs on the table, as it was his habit.

Valac was uninterested about the tea cups and cookies on the table.

Leon was taken aback by his unpolished demeanor, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything.

He was bothered by Valac's treatment of the guests, but he couldn't express his displeasure since he was also fearful.

Leon, on the other hand, tried to hide his nervousness by smiling sweetly at Valac, who was impatiently waiting for Leon to speak.

"Your Highness, this may appear impolite, but I'd want to inquire if you're satisfied in your current position."

He questioned carefully, the word 'position' sounding bitter in his voice as he spoke, reminding Valac of his own status as the third prince.

Valac, of course, would notice. He could even foresee what Leon would say next.

"You're the second son of the previous Empress, Prince Valac.

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