4. Her Visit

"What do you think about the Vad Clan?"

I asked while taking a sip of my cup of black tea, enjoying my stay at the second prince's palace.

It's been three days since my father and I had that pointless argument. So, I decided to visit Azazel today to discuss the Vad clan.

When I mentioned the Vad clan to Azazel, who was sitting in front of me, he raised his eyebrows.

"The dog of the Imperial Family? Since I don't have the acknowledgment from the Emperor, I do not receive anyone from the Vad Clan to assist me. However, I am aware that they pledge loyalty to the Imperial Family."

At least three or four members of the Vad clan were given to each member of the Imperial Family.

Azazel, on the other hand, did not receive anyone since he was not recognized by the Emperor.

"Why do you ask about that clan?"

I laughed as I set the cup down on the table and gave him a teasing smile.

"Since we're going to rebel soon, we need supporters. Isn't that right?"

When he realized what I had just spoken to him, his eyes widened.

(He's quick to catch on.)

"You mean to make Vad Clan on our side?"


"But they only obey the Imperial Family."

I smirked as I pointed my hand at him.

"And you're one of those Imperial Family."

Before going into the details, I moved my head toward the window and then back at him.

"For as long as I can remember, the Vad clan always despised the Imperial Family. They always want to have a leader that can lead them so they can carry out their hatred, their revenge. Don't you think their ambition isn't too different from us?"

Azazel seemed uncomfortable as he stared into my eyes, even though I had already explained it. His crimson gaze shifted, and he let out a sigh.

"That's not a bad plan."

I smiled at his remark.

(I've known for years that Azazel has been plotting a rebellion. However, he had no intention of making many allies because he believed that everyone was an enemy who needed to be eliminated. The fact that the Vad clan has been loyal to the Imperial Family for over a century clouds his judgment, and he is hesitant to persuade them to join hands.)

"The Vad clan will be overjoyed."

"What proof do you have that the Vad clan despises the Imperial Family? They appeared to be having a good time serving them and appeared to be trustworthy."

"... I apologize for being rude, but the position between you and them is similar. They have always been used to being sent to war for this Empire's victories, but they didn't even receive all the glory."

His eyes widened in familiarity, as if he could relate to what I had just spoken.

"Isn't that situation similar to someone I know?"

He flinched and his eyes trembled with uncertainty, but I could sense the burning rage within.

"Now, could you tell that they will happily die for someone who dishonors them in the first place?"

Silence filled the room, and he seemed at a loss for words.

" 'Then, where else would accept a bunch of odd individuals who can't even use elements? You all won't be welcomed anywhere except our Elysian Empire. 'Be thankful for that.' "

I cracked a gentle smile.

"That's presumably what the preceding Emperor said to the Vad clan," 

"... I'm well aware that the Vad clan is being treated with obvious discrimination."

As he focused boldly into my eyes, as if settling on something, Azazel stated.

"Let's do that. Let's put the Vad clan on our side."

I chuckled, forming a satisfied smile after convincing him.

"Then I leave it to you to make the Vad clan on our side."

"I understand. Also, you realize that it's Charlotte's birthday soon."

"I'm well aware. It's Princess Charlotte's 14th birthday, isn't it?"

"Yes. I intend to use her birthday celebration to formally propose to you in front of everyone."

"Ho? That's a good idea. But, instead of Princess Charlotte, won't the spotlight be drawn to us?"

Azazel's eyes darkened as he scoffed.

"See if I care about that wench."

(Well, I couldn't care less either way. It's surprising to see him like this though.)

"Even then, is there a reason why you want to publicly announce our relationship?"

He asked out of the blue as I pondered the response and was deep in thought.

"It's preferable to do it openly than in secret. Regardless, we will continue to meet in the future. So that everyone knows we're getting married and not just seeing each other for a bit of fun."

"I understand." 

"You also have your reasons for agreeing to that, right?"

"Yes, I have."

My gaze was drawn to his sword on his hip when he smiled at me.

"Then, how's the effect on the potions?"


His gaze settled on his blade before returning to me with a pleased smile.

"It was quite practical and efficient. It's a lovely feeling to kill someone with just a single light wound from the sword."

His face lightened as he talked about it, as if he was overjoyed by the potion I'd created.

(In that case, my choice is the most appropriate one. It's a good thing I went ahead and made that potion.)

"However, it will only last for three months."

"Three months?"

"Don't be concerned. I'll make some more for you."

As soon as I said it, Azazel fell silent, glanced at me, and seemed to be deep in thoughts.

"Are you actually the one who makes the potion?"

As I was trapped by his scrutinized gaze, his eyes moved suspiciously towards me.

(Ah... Since the potion worked so well... He started suspecting me.)

(It's completely understandable.)

As I make a confident smile, I let out a sigh.

"Do you have a blank paper?"


I spend two hours explaining the process on how to make the black liquid to Azazel.

And, surprisingly, Azazel comprehends the procedure, even though there are a few phrases and processes that he would struggle to comprehend.

(Spoken like a true genius. Perhaps he'll start inventing his own potions in the near future.)

"Thank you for explaining the procedure to me and proving that I am mistaken. I'm sorry for doubting you."

I gave him a reassuring smile in return.

"Don't mind that."

Although our relationship is founded on mutual benefits, maintaining a good relationship is also beneficial.

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