Chapter 44


"So it's over? Are you serious about sticking with that jerk?" Noah asked, scrunching up his face and throwing himself on my bed.

"Yes, my strategy is to have greater access to Spencers before anything else. Don't you think it'd be amazing if you could bring Amara's items back into this room as well?" While looking in the mirror, I smeared crimson lipstick on my lips.

"We don't have to do that, though. My younger sister will be overjoyed to know that her room is occupied, and we will not be returning the pink items. This color combination would be good, as I believe Amara now prefers it."

My brows furrowed in response to Noah's words. I'm not sure why a little girl would prefer this color.

At this age, she would undoubtedly favor pink and baby-themed items.

Noah could have simply been born strange.

I didn't respond to him and instead focused on fixing my hair, attempting to remove the stray strands that were visible due

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