Chapter 54

We're in the car now, driving back to Liam's place.

After seeing what I saw on Vores Morgen, I couldn't understand why he suddenly wanted us to come back home.

Even if Liam tells me a few more times that what I saw was a mistake and that I was just weary, I knew deep down that it is all real. I saw it with both my eyes open, so I can't just dismiss what I have seen; I knew Mrs. Spencer, and she always wore a wide hat. And earlier, I noticed the woman was dressed in the same hat, white dress, and white gloves on her hand that she normally wears. Even if everyone tells me I'm going insane, I know what I have seen, and it won't just vanish from my mind.

I noticed an odd wall surrounded by plants that had already crawled on it when Liam and I were strolling. It drew my attention since it is so vivid and impossible to ignore, so I marveled at it. On either side of it, there are two enormous dragon heads, one gold, and the other is silver-white. However, the crimso

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