Chapter 14: Glam Day

"Maddison you're still staying in this house with your dad? We haven't seen each other in a long time ever since I left, how are you?"

I heard Liam's mom and Maddison having a conversation, but I don't have the guts to look at them.

I just turned my head to Liam, and this time, I had already grabbed his attention.

"I'm sorry... Please just let me down..." I whispered quietly to him.

He stared intently into my eyes, as I look at him, I notice that there's something. I had already seen it those stares before, I knew he's upset. His eyes turns into different pair of eyes everytime he is unhappy.

My gaze was left in the air when Liam shifted his gaze to Maddison, I watched his facial expression change as his eyebrows furrowed and the tip of his eyes falls down, he looks really sad.

Of course, it's her girlfriend who saw us in this kind of position.

They might have a misunderstanding.

It all happened because of me... and the


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