Chapter 17: Behind His Smiles

“I don't want to...” I plead under my breath.

I just turned my back and swiveled my head away from them.

What exactly do they want, — especially Liam? Why does he feel the need to show me how he treats his girlfriend all the time?

“If I told you to watch, you must watch. Otherwise, I'll bind your hands and force you to keep an eye on us. ” His frigid tones have returned, seeming to invade my body and command my spirit to obey.

“W-Why...? Please… Don't do this to me... ” I could feel my eyes welling up with tears and my chest tightening as I begged.

I grabbed my chest to keep my breathing under control as it became heavier once more. I'd given up hope that they'd show me some mercy, so I just closed my eyes firmly and waited for them to finish whatever they were doing.

I felt heavy footsteps on my back so I turned to face who it was.

''Aaa!'' I let out a small scream when Liam snatched my arm.

I tried to sneak away, hopi

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