Chapter 23

“What are you doing..?” I struggled to avoid leaning against the wall, but it was useless.

Blade simply pushed me back.


I screamed, my back slamming against the wall so hard that it seemed like I’d shattered a bone.

I pushed him with both hands with all my strength, even though I knew it wouldn’t move his muscular body.

“What do you want!?”

“I will help you.”


“I overheard your entire conversation earlier. I’ll help you to be like by Liam.” I repeatedly blinked my eyes and even poked my ear with my finger since it looked like what I was hearing was vague.

“What do you mean..?”

“Just trust me.”

“But, Blade, why would you help me? What will you get in return?” One of the things I’ve learned throughout my life is that everything has a replacement.

People who become suddenly kind for no apparent reason should be suspected, as they are the most likely enem


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