Part 2 Chapter 16

Lisa’s POV

We are at this event when I noticed some tramp that keeps on staring over at us. I’m assuming that she knows my Adam. I asked him if he knew her and he said that he didn’t. I knew that it was a f*cking lie when he said it but I let it go since we were at this event.

I’m minding my own d*mn business and my own man when the slut walks over and thinks that she can disrespect me. Now I am definitely going to get Adam’s *ss for lying but right now, she has me f*cked up.

“You know I wouldn’t be so proud to tell people that a man with a whole mansion would only take me to his basement. That’s how low your *ss is. He didn’t even bother with at least taking you to a guest room. Hell I would have even preferred a hotel than the basement. I wouldn&r

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