Chapter 8

Days passed, Logan and I have become close. We talked and bonded, but we still have a distance, because I don't want to be close yet.

Just like now, we are here at the beach feeling the fresh air and watching sunrise together.

"I'm hungry, Vianne. Let's go home" said Logan.

I give him a glare, but he's not scared at all.

"Later, the sun hasn't gone away"

"I'm so hungry," he said again

"Why didn't you eat before coming with me?" I ask, annoyed.

"Because you didn't eat, so I didn't eat either"

I rolled my eyes. In recent days, I have slowly come to know him. The thing I don't like the most about his attitude is being naughty like now, and he looks like a playboy. All of a sudden he comes to me, and lastly, my most feared about him is his seriousness.

"I'm going home first," he said

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