Chapter Thirty

Her eyes finally fell open but looking up was not an option as she tried to look away from him but Mariana really knew she had to do this before giving her body to him.

She knew she had to this now before she changes her mind.

"I am married " she whispered, her voice soft with pain and defeat but her words sharper that spears and knives attacking his heart.

Anger rushed through his blood like venom.

Sadness, betrayal, lies.

He felt like the whole world around him was starting to move forward locking him in a four walled room.

"Marco " she whispered but got no reply as he tried to move far away from her, her hand held on to his wrist making him look down at her

" please let me explain "

If she thought, she saw flames in his eyes then her sentence made it even worse.

Not wanting to do what he will regret afterwards Marco stood up strid

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