As they continued to walk, recounting their last experience; the archers making fun of those who did have less headshot and everyone was laughing at them and jokingly asking them to begin their target practices, one of them saw a beautiful lady, looking seductively at him. At first, he thought it was everyone who was seeing her, but when he looked at the other warriors, they were still jesting as though nothing was up.

The warrior was so engrossed looking at the lady; he even missed his step and almost fell; he has suddenly forgotten every other thing he was doing.

The lady who was seductively dressed in well-designed animal skins would wag her tongue at him; invite him with her hand gestures while looking straight into his eyes. She takes graceful and seductive steps backward as she invites the warrior towards her.

Mysteriously, the other warriors didn’t see what was happening with that warrior as they were all alike in their various visions a
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