Chapter 19

“Oh em gee,'' I heard Rebecca’s voice exclaim from outside of my room and her footsteps coming towards my room.

I looked up from reading the novel I took from Becca’s house the other day to my door which burst open by the happy-looking Becca who had her phone in hand and a wide grin displayed on her face.

She looked up from her phone to me and her grin widened before she walked over to me. 

I put a paperclip on the page I was on and closed the book to face her. I stood up from my dressing table, took her hand in mine, and led her to my bed so we could sit and gist.

“This one that you are jumping like this, what’s supping?” I asked when we sat crisscrossed and faced each other.

“Remember the photoshoot I told you about?” she asked and I nod in acknowledgment.

“Well, I remember telling you that we can't do it in the meantime due to an emergency that came up'' I nod again, encouraging her to continue.

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