Chapter 2

Present Day...

"Daniella, Danielle, get downstairs, it's almost eight am" the banging on my bedroom door startled me a bit and it made me sit up in a flash.

I was a breathing mess and if my hair was not braided it would have been sticking over my face because of the sweat that had gathered on my body.

I had that dream again, but why? Why is it coming? again...

I was still trying to even my breathing and calm my senses when I heard my older brother's voice again.

"You guys should be quick and let's get to school in time, remember latecomers would be punished" with that said I heard footsteps fading away indicating that he had left.

I put my face in my hand a let out deep breaths to calm my tornado nerves.

I sat like in that position for some minutes and all the while kept wondering why I had those dreams again… it has been long…. really long a--and seeing it after all these times makes me feel weak a--and scared.

I buried my face in my palm and took in a really deep breath of air and hold it for three seconds before slowly letting it out and looking around my room.

“Here is to a new morning with the hope that it wouldn't come back… again” I muttered to myself and took the comforter off my body and hopped out of my bed.

I stood by my bed and yawned then stretched a bit before walking to the door that leads to my twin's room to wake her up for school… I am hoping she is up already.

I knocked and got no response then I knocked for the second time and still got no response then concluded that she is still sleeping.

Can't blame her, even I didn’t wake up till my brother banged my door so hard and took me out of that dream for a while.

I decided to apply more force with the knocking and placed my ears on the door to hear any movement I heard feet dragging on the floor as they got closer so I stood straight and wait for her open the door.

Just as the door flew open, I was greeted by my twin wearing her infamous morning or should I say ‘when I am alone I wear it’ black-rimmed glasses.

Her hair isn't braided in all back like mine but she packed her brown curls in some messy top bun and she had her pink Disney overall pajamas on. She yawned then lifted her glasses to rub her eyes before focusing her gaze on me.

“I was meditating,” she said in a raspy voice and I rolled my eyes then walked past her to open our conjoined walk-in closet so I could get her uniform out and she can go get ready.

“We need to get ready in a few minutes from now so we have to hurry up,” I told her and heard her sigh before turning to see her already laying on her bed, face down.

“Meditating my foot” I muttered and she raised her hand up to point at me.

“I heard that,” she said and I shook my head at her then walked to her bed and pushed her a bit so I could lay down her uniform.

“Where are your shoes?” she pointed to the bed so I bent to check for them and saw them there.

I am so glad she had them polished already else I would have to do it for her.

Our room was built in some kind of a good way and I am glad mum choose this place while she and dad were house hunting a few years back.

It's a six-bedroom duplex that has its exterior painted cream with a deep brown roof and some flower pots are placed in certain places outside.

This room that w occupy is the only room in this house that is built this way and why our mum let us take it was not just the fact that we were twins but because both rooms were the same size and there wouldn’t be any fights coming from us as we pick our rooms.

‘Such a relief’ she’ll say and I agree with her.

What separates our room are the door I knocked on minutes ago and the walk-in closet. There are two doors to get into either of the rooms.

One is the one my brother knocked on. That one leads directly to my room and the other is the one close to her small dresser table which leads directly to my twin's room I think she might have permanently locked that door so that she can come in through my door which we refer to as the ‘main door’.

What made me so happy about our rooms was the fact that each of them had different bathrooms which means that I don’t have to wait for five hours to get freshened up for the day/

She has her bathroom and can take as much time as she wants without me caring… only when we are late to school or need to get to school on time do we have to make sure she speeds up in the shower. Other than that it's okay.

Our closet is also another means to get into each other rooms. It's like we are sharing the same big closet but it is separated by a sliding door.

When I put her uniform on the bed and set her shoes where she can easily get them, I poked her head so she could wake up but she didn’t respond and just continued with her sleep.

I choose not to be late and punished so did the one thing I knew could get her to her feet in no time. I went into her bathroom and scoped some water in my palms and walked gently toward her before sprinkling it on her face.

Immediately the water touched her face, she sprang up from the bed like someone who was ready for a fight and stood in a ‘Sammo Hung’ stance as she looked around the room before her gaze settled on me and her body relaxed.

She sat on the bed and adjusted her glasses to sit properly on her nose then took them off to place them on the dresser table then her eyes settled on her uniform on the bed.

“What are you doing in my room?” she asked me and I rolled my eyes and sat beside her which made her raise an eyebrow at me.

“You have weird ways of waking up, especially when someone wakes you up,” I told her and she just looks at me blankly so I let out a sigh and continued what I was saying.

“School, I said it earlier when you were all zombie mode some minutes ago” I reminded her and she groaned.

Me too, I really wish school was not mandatory or it was banned for life but… wishes can only be wishes.

“I really wish that we don’t need to school and just stay at home,” she said and I nod in agreement.

“Just get ready in time so that we wouldn't be late for school,” I told her and went to my room through the walk-in closet then collected my uniform on the way so I can also prepare for school.

After some minutes of getting ready, I was done and carried my bag pack as I made my way down the stairs.

“Good morning ma” I greet my mum and gave her a side hug which she returned then she did the same with my twin that followed behind me.

Daniel was seated in the dining with a bowl of cereal and flakes in front of him whilst he goes through his phone with a smile on his face. I know that smile and who is the cause of it.

Dad was seated in the parlor as he reads this morning's newspaper.

“Good morning dear, sit so you can have your breakfast. How did you sleep?” she asked and I sat down in front of my brother and my twin was beside me.

I looked up at her and smiled.

“I slept well till I was interrupted” I heard Danielle say beside me which made me shake my head.

“I slept good” I answered mum and she smiled at us both then went to the kitchen to get something.

“Say hi to Becca for me” I whispered to Daniel and he looked up at me briefly then nod his head before going back to texting.

I turned to look at my twin and saw her putting two cubes of sugar in her cereal then was about to put another full spoon of granulated sugar inside her milk full cereal.

I opened my mouth slightly at what she was about to do and shook my head. She looked at me and shrugged then mixed her cereal before she started eating it.

This girl.

Mum came back from the kitchen holding a lunch bag and handed it to dad who came up to us and placed a kiss on her cheeks before turning to us and flashing us a grin.

“See you later Dan, Elle, Ella, and my love” he placed another kiss on mum’s cheek before leaving.

I and mum exchanged a look of surprise as he made his way out of the house.

Wow. That one there was a shocker.

Mum just shrugged then told us to hurry up so she can drop us off at school.

I am really hoping he would call my name more often and not go back to making remarks about me.

I really hope so.

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