Embrace my night
Embrace my night
Author: Charmaine Cloete

Embrace my night: Chapter 1

Sammy wakes languish with the early morning sun caressing her naked body. A smile plays seductively around her kissed bruised lips. Her body still aches with the sensual pleasures she has experience all night long. Her sleepy eyes searches the bedroom when it is clear to her that her lover has left their bed. Her smouldering brown eyes found him standing in front of the window. His tall muscular body cover in only a towel that he has wrap around his waist.

“Morning,” she purrs in a very sensual voice that she hardly recognises as her own. For a moment cast in silhouettes she watches him turn around to face her. He moves towards the bed, climbing back on laying down beside her. He stills wears the same smile that made her end up married to him. Making her forgot her fears she was captured, seduced and loved by him.

“Good morning gorgeous, sleep well,” he asks while teasing the corner of her mouth with featherlike kisses that drives her into wanting more. That magic kiss is just enough to spin her world back into a kaleidoscope of sensual colours.

“Peter,” she whispers breathless with anticipation of what is about to ensue again. The shared but very brief kiss is filled with so much promise for what is to be gained in their shared union. It is clear to them both they found each other magical.

“You are mine my love,”

“Yes, always,”

“I must confess my love, only death in time will separate you from me. The one who tries to take you from me will pay dearly.” His arms encircle her waist pulling her against him, feeling the shudder that goes through her body.

Sammy closes her eyes briefly concealing the darkness she has learned to embrace and hide within herself. She draws comfort from the strong arms around her knowing if he ever should learn about her he will regret knowing her. For now she will enjoy what life has given her.

Peter is no blind man but he is patient. He will enjoy the precious gift life has given him. Looking into her brown eyes he couldn’t for the life of him conceal his admiration for the beautiful woman that is his.

“My gorgeous Sammy, I can’t believe the Gods are this favourable with me, with us, I knew all I need was just one touch, one whisper and one kiss and I am yours forever and much more. I will never allow another woman into my heart. This place is reserve for only you.” He seals his promise with the tenders’ loving kiss that brings tears to her eyes.

“Peter,” she breathes possessively.

“Yours always but no more tears, all I want in these beautiful eyes is the light of love and laughter.” Climbing from the bed he bend over her and bodily picks her up into his arms and carries her to the balcony where a morning feast is waiting for them.

“My love we both had the most sensual evening behind us but today we could certainly do with this feast. It’s time we leave our heaven for the day and go out exploring the streets of Cape Town.

Sammy says nothing just watches him with the knowledge of last night still shining in her mischievously twinkling brown eyes. While enjoying breakfast she senses at the edge of her heart the lurking shadows of darkness that tries to invade her thoughts but she learned to keep a tight rein on them for now.

Sammy watches her husband with a tender smile curving around her lips.

Peter accepts the smile at face value since it is always clear to him that in every touch of hers, gesture that she feels the same about him. There is such honesty in those beautiful eyes but he did notice the lurking fear within their depths. A jaded man where woman are concerned, she however there is simply magic about her, no denying that. He will protect her with his life that is for certain.

“Sammy, “

Peter found her with still twinkling eyes in front of the mirror. His heart fills with joy watching her. He really can’t believe this unbelievable woman is his.

“I was just looking at myself. Did you know I never thought myself beautiful until I saw the truth in your eyes? I actually find myself interesting.” She smiles into his eyes reflected within the mirror.

“I am a man and am not supposed to admit this kind of weakness but I practically had fallen over my feet the moment I saw you. That first sight of you captivated me in such a manner that I just knew if you were mine, you would be the most sensually erotic woman. I was in love with you before I look into your eyes. Did you know how frightened I was when for a moment I blinked and I couldn’t see you at that very moment I vowed to myself never to blink whenever I am looking at you? I knew a fear like no other. I won’t be able to handle it if I should ever lose you.”

“You lost me for a moment but caught me before the end of that day. I am still surprise that you manage to make me yours so fast but I love that fact.”

“I don’t want to lose you my love,”

“My Peter,”

The reflection of his profile entwined with hers within the casting of the mirror. Soft brown eyes lock with more serious darker eyes. Both saw at that moment their eyes were the window to their souls. In tune with each other they simply move into a shared embrace filled with all the unspoken emotions they still like to share.

“I have to confess a truth about me, Peter,”

“Tell me,” He sits on the side of the dresser pulling her between his legs settling her against his heart.

“From the first moment you looked into my eyes helping me back onto my feet you always looked directly at me. It’s important that I can read your intimate expression. If you can help it, never look with lies in your eyes at me. I won’t be able to handle such a betrayal not twice.”

Peter sees the potential of rawness for such an action on his part. He found himself instantly concerned.

“Who hurt you my love?”

“I don’t know. The thought is just there. We know nothing about each other accept from the instant we met we knew without a doubt we love each other. Fate brought us together because I knew your face long before I knew what name to write onto my heart.”

Sammy can hear his heart beat.

“There should be no lies between us,”

“I promise to the best of my abilities, love.”

Sammy inhale deeply knowing she trust him with her life.

“I had long since learned to embrace the night as my cover of safety. I was running Peter until you stop me. There is demons from my past chasing me. Your love showed me I don’t have to be afraid. I no longer wake with tears on my pillow.”

“Who made you so afraid that you run?”

“I want you to know everything about me but you planned a day for us. Can we enjoy that before seriousness sets in?”

“Hear me well Sammy, I want to be your solid rock of trust, confidence and safety. Allow me to know your heart and mind as intimately as I know your body. You are right my love, we should talk about our family and our individual past but for today I want to give you a perfect day like the nights you had given so boldly and beautifully”

“It certainly can be arranged,” the sombre look is slowly replaced with the now known mischievous twinkle in her soft brown eyes.

Peter found himself falling continuously into the wealth of her eyes. His mouth claims her teasing lips into a devouring kiss that drives them both sensually towards the play field of ecstasy. Pulling her tightly against the framework of his body the pleasurable intent clear on both their part but the insistent ringing of the phone manage to halt them both. With clear annoyance and still holding her against him he answers the call.

Sammy stays leaning against his chest listening to the beating of his heart. The sound gives her such a sense of safety. Placing her hand across his chest she smiles for the still continuing whirlpool of loving.

Her instinct about impending darkness makes the odd notion takes root within her that she shouldn’t step from the hotel. The gloomy thought settles quickly with a tight grip around her heart. She instinctively senses the fear just behind the door.

Peter finishes his conversation finding her clutching his robe tightly her knuckles white her eyes at the door holding her in a hypnotise state.

“What’s wrong my love?”

Sammy swallows several times to gulp down the knot in her throat.

“I am being silly,”

“I don’t care. What worries you beyond the door?”

Her hand reaches up to caress his stubble cheek trying her best to removes the darkness from her eyes. He is no fool reading the fear and worry.

“You will always be safe with me Sammy.”

“I know that from the first moment. I want to tell you about my life but let’s enjoy the day you have planned. Tomorrow is still there. Go and shower.”

Join me,” he suggest with a sexy wink.

“This day won’t see the sight of us if I do and you that.”

Sammy found her back in front of the mirror. There seem to be a strange allure about her reflection. She has the odd notion there is something she is forgetting…

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