Embrace my night: Chapter 14

Peter come running down the stairs but only the echo of the slammed door greeted him downstairs. He opened the door but the street is empty.

“Sammy! Where on earth are you?”

Sammy has taken TheoFista to the highest hilltop in Steinkopf. Down below them is the tableau of tourist chalets. The springtime is rolling past it was nearly summer.

“I grew up surrounded by buildings.” says TheoFista

Sammy looks up into the clearness of the sky. A longing so deep suddenly takes hold of her leaving her breathless with an unexplained ache that threatens to swallow her.

“At first glance, this really is a harsh, vast but rather uniquely region. What nature offers here you rarely found it somewhere else, The Northern Cape is yours to discovery in many ways that would delight and fascinate you,”

Sammy speaks with a pride that isn’t lost on her friend.

“Don’t get me wrong but I wish my brother is he

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