Chapter 57 - Zak

It’s hard to believe that the bond between Charlie, Brandon, and me can get even deeper.  But the second that Xander drinks from the cup and our brotherhood is complete, it is almost like I can feel him in every corner of my mind.  Though he has been inside my head as my mate, able to feel my emotions and occasionally read my thoughts, this is new.  It feels as if his presence is everywhere.  This ever present feeling is only matched by Charlie’s presence.

Unlike our last ascension dinner, this one ends well.  Many in the pack come up to congratulate not only Brandon in becoming Beta, but the three of us in our mating.  Some of the older women start asking about when we are going to provide them with some pups to dote over.  Charlie’s face is glowing at their questions and I can’t keep the smile off of my face.  Brandon’s face starts out

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