Chapter 61 - Devin

As I walk through the packhouse, I can smell the most intoxicating scent of lavender and honey floating through, mixed with Xander’s scent of oak, nutmeg, and leather.  It’s her.  She’s here and with Xander.

“Go, Gamma,” Lucille smiles at me as she sees me scenting the air.  “Meredith will help me from here.  We’ll be right behind you.”

I gently release  Lucille’s hand from my arm and place it on Meredith’s.  I smile at her warmly before hurrying out of the house. 

I hear the loud voice of a male wolf say, “Looks like we have something more to celebrate, other than our packs’ meeting.”

I figure it is Mathias, but I don’t even spare him a glance as I take in the sight of my two mates holding each other.  Seeing the two of them t

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