Chapter 62 - Brandon

After Devin entered and he and Arya claimed each other as mates, pretty much everyone was silent and shocked.  Well, those of us that didn’t know.  So everyone except the Oracle, Meredith, my mates, and me.  And Mathias.  I could already tell that he was pissed when Arya and Xander claimed each other as mates.  I’m guessing that he and Arya were in some kind of relationship and he isn’t too happy to have his bedmate taken.  But when Devin claimed Arya as well, his fury became palpable.  

Zak, Charlie, and I had watched as Mathias began to shift, seemingly without his consent.  His wolf fed on his rage and began to take over his form.  

The three of us fanned out, each linking separate warriors to make sure that we were ready for whatever might happen.

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