Chapter 7 - Zak

The Oracle’s news was so disturbing that Charlie and I finished her entire bottle of whiskey.  Neither of us had eaten much at breakfast and, at 190 proof, the whiskey we guzzled got us pretty trashed.  That must have been what fueled Charlie’s plan.

As we walked home, she stopped me in the middle of the forest.

“So, based on what Lucille said, all three of us are having these sex dreams, right?” she asks.

“Seems like,” I say, remembering the one that I had last night.  My breathing hitches and my gaze lingers on Charlie’s breasts.  I take a step toward her, intent on finishing what the Oracle interrupted earlier.

“Down, Fido, and listen,” Charlie says, sidestepping me.

“But, I want you,” I say, my vo

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