Chapter 8 - Devin

“Holy fuck!  What was - “ I start to say before Brandon grabs my elbow and pulls me up.

“My room!  Now!” he growls at me.

I don’t quite understand what is happening.  “Why - “

Pulling me by the elbow, he hurries me out of the dinning hall and to the back stairs.

“Brandon!  Slow down!” I say.

“We have 10 minutes and I need to get rid of these blue balls before I walk into Zak’s office!” His voice is husky with need and my knees weaken.  Oh!  Yeah, that makes sense.  That show wasn’t even directed at me and I was horny as hell.

We bust into Brandon’s room and he slams the door behind us.  Immediately, he pushes me onto the bed.  He

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Carsandra Augustine
Why are the episodes always too short compare to other books

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