Chapter 8: A Power Beyond a Boy

Robin's POV

“What you mean you let them go?! Lucas, I thought I told you specifically that I wanted Landon and Riley in your grasp as soon as you saw them!” Frustrated, Logan picked up Lucas from the collar of his shirt.

“Sir, I have Landon right at my grasp. I can feel it!”      I looked at the strange looking man that was standing close to Logan. He saw Riley! He put him down and looked at him. 

“This has nothing to do with your group Lucas. This has to do with Riley remember? I must get it before she turns seventeen! Do you want to end up like the soldiers that I brought along to get the girl?”

 I gulped and stood up. “You won’t kill her will you?”

 They both turned to look at me. Lucas chuckled sickly, but Logan stopped him.

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