Chapter 10: Theoi, the Land of Answers

I couldn’t believe how much time had passed since yesterday. Nobody dared to speak much unless it was important, and we traveled all day yesterday without stopping. My legs ached from riding the horse because I wasn’t going to be carried by him anymore after that kiss. Even thinking about it felt painful. Gabe looked at me in sympathy a few times after he saw me flinch from pains and aches, but I kept looking straight ahead.

“Okay, we’re here I believe.” Jack looked around as he dismounted his horse.

I looked around and all I saw were trees and flying leaves. This couldn’t be it.

Gabe dismounted and looked around also, but in disappointment. “This is it? It can’t be! Where’s all the magic?” He walked around the small area.

"Oh, we’re here.” Landon walked further into the area and pressed against the air. &ld

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