Chapter 11: A New Face

I didn’t sleep that night. My mind went crazy with the things I learned the other day. As I listened to the night’s song, I could hear Andrew snoring lightly and Landon pacing outside of my tent. How was I going to avoid my feelings with him when he was in love with me? I pushed that thought aside and thought about Robin for the rest of the night. Oh, how I missed him. If I thought hard enough, I could see him smiling at me with his warm brown eyes. He got his eyes from mom. The thought soothed me for a few moments until I could see the sun slowly rising. The sun’s beams glowed through my tent like a warm welcome to the day, but it didn’t feel that way. It felt like my personal prison burning a hole in my flesh. Nothing seemed to be helping me anymore. I pulled the door to the tent aside to see Landon sitting in front of a fire he must have made. It looked like he was cooking something with his hand because it was in the fire without any problems. I w

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