Chapter 12: The Control

Chapter 12: The Control

Logan had Lucas by his collar in the air enraged again.

“You imbecile! You almost lost my chances to have the power that she possesses. All I asked for is for you to do is make my plan follow through, not kill her! I swear to you if she dies, you will too, mark my words!” He threw him to the ground and stared at him.

Lucas looked terrified, but patient. “Master don’t worry your plan will work! The boy that I have will be bait to lure her in without force. Just like you predicted. I just…lost control for a second. She will survive the wolf stopped me in time.” He pointed at the body that was lying on the ground.

This wasn’t the boy that I saw in the vision. I looked at Logan and his expression changed.

I knew this expression well. It was the look he gives me before he passes a nigh

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