Chapter 13: The Necklace

Hayden sat next to me smiling. I smiled back. This had to be a dream. I saw him dead in his own home. He leaned in to kiss me, but he stopped. His face turned white, and he pointed at something behind me. I turned and saw the cloaked man standing a few feet from me. I grabbed Hayden’s hand, but he didn’t grab back. I turned and saw him still. I touched his face and realized it had turned into polished stone. I quickly turned back at the cloaked man.

“You turn Hayden back right now!” I said, but he just laughed.

“You have t-,” he stopped talking and turned around. There was nothing there, but he seemed startled.

Suddenly, the room changed into a gentle meadow. I could see Robin on the other side.

“Oh, Robin! You’re okay!” I ran to him, but he stopped me.

“No time! Riley, you can’t believe an

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