Chapter 16: Full Moon

Riley's POV

“I swear! I can smell him Jack! Please let me investigate!” Andrew pleaded almost sounding like he was whining like a dog. I peeked through the tent door and saw Andrew shaking furiously. I would have gone out there, but I was still not allowed to leave the tent. Jack had his arms folded in argument and was shaking his head. Andrew was angry and eager. I could see it in his body language. I could see Landon in the corner of my eye and saw no expression on his face. He was completely blank which really bothered me.

“Absolutely out of the question, it could be a trap since you can’t hear his thoughts!” Jack practically screamed at him, and Andrew looked like he was about to change. Then, I heard a light whimper coming from behind my tent and light growling. I immediately stormed out of the tent and that caught both Jack and Andrew’s attention. They called my name, but I paid no attention. I looked b

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