Chapter 17: The Collision

Riley's POV

         I fought against the burning of my lungs from running for so long and pushed myself to run even further. I had to run fast and far enough to be out of Andrew’s view of my thoughts, but my fighting ended up failing and I collapsed in a little clearing that seemed to be far away from where we were. I sobbed while catching my breath and held myself tight against my chest. The pain of loss was overwhelming and what made it worse was that I was on my own now. No parents. No Jack. No Gabe. No Marie. No Andrew. No Landon. And no Robin. I was completely alone in a world that I did not understand. Suddenly, everything around me was broken and I had no way of fixing it. Because I was the reason for it all. And the crazy thing was…I still didn’t even know why.

         Thunder roared across the sky, and I looked up. The

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