Chapter 2 The Blank Message

Beam has just finished all his exams and he is looking forward to a peaceful weekend ahead. 

He was walking towards his mother's car when he received a message on his phone. It's a blank message from an unknown number, he already knows what it means. 

He sighed and returned his phone to his pocket and stride towards the car. Enough for dreaming of a peaceful weekend, instead he will have a strenuous weekend ahead of him.

Beam slowly enters the usual room using his keycard. He saw him sitting on the couch facing the balcony with some documents in his hands. 

Beam just went directly to the closet to get his clothes to take his shower, he already mastered his usual drill, he will take a shower once he arrives. Clothes are provided for him every time he will be staying in this room. He will just change it to his clothes if he returns to his dorm, but there are instances that he would wear the new clothes provided for him, the man seems to not mind. 

He hangs his clothes in the closet after his shower, the man is still on the couch reading some documents. Beam just hot settled on the bed and busied himself with his phone. 

An hour has passed and the man is still busy. Beam laid down on the bed and decided to just sleep for a while. 

He is already drifting off when he is startled by the doorbell, he looks around and the man is no longer on the couch but he can hear the faint sound of the running water in the bathroom. 

He stood up and went to the door to look at the monitor. 

"Dinner" a man outside lifts the bag in his hand to show him. It's the usual man who would always deliver them their food. 

He opened the door slowly and got the bag handed to him. 

"Thank you" Beam mumbles softly. 

The man just nodded before he walked away. 

Beam brought the food to the mini dining area on the other side of the room. He placed the prepared dinner on the table and decided to eat. He didn't realize that he was hungry. It's so great to be rich, the food being served is always delicious. 

He is busy thinking while eating his dinner if rich people also eat in food courts like them or they always have gourmet dishes like what he is eating now?

It's so complicated to be rich, this man is a billionaire but he seems to not know how to smile, he even has limited words when he talks. His social life is boring. 

He had finished his portion of the dinner when the man went out of the bathroom. He is just wearing pajama bottoms without a top. 

Beam looks away when the man looks at him with his usual emotionless face. He finished his dinner and tidied the table for the man to eat his dinner too. 

Beam went to the bathroom to brush his teeth while the man was eating. For more than a year that they are together, they haven't eaten together. The man didn't tell him not to but he just assumed that the man didn't want to eat together with him. 

He returned to the bed when he finished his bathroom routine. The man is still silently eating. He is as always very quiet, only the sound of utensils against the plate is heard in the room. 

Beam doesn't mind the silence at all, he was used to it already. The only sounds that they will make together are grunts, growls, and moans when the man is fucking him, other than those, it's total silence. 

He finished his dinner and same with Beam he went inside the bathroom and went out after a while. He returned to reading his documents on the coffee table. 

Beam just lay down on his side of the bed, he closed his eyes to rest for a while, if the man is still busy with his paper works, he could use his time to take a nap. He never bothers the man, he will just usually come to him if he needs his body. So he decided to sleep. 

Beam was awakened by a hungry kiss that has been ravishing his mouth, he just allowed him to eat him. The kisses are intense and demanding, bruising his lips. 

"Nnghh...!" Beam moans as the man is biting his lips, not so gentle. He can taste blood on their still joined lips. 

The man keeps on attacking Beam's mouth until it trails down to his jaw and neck, nibbling, licking, and sucking his skin. Beam is fully awake already and he just lay still while the man is attacking his body to fulfill his sexual needs. The man hurriedly took Beam's clothes off him including his boxer brief. 

"Ahhhnn...!" Beam cannot contain his moans as the man teases his nipples with his tongue. He can't deny that the man is so good in bed and he doesn't fail to arouse Beam's own sexual desires. 

Beam held onto the man while he continued to trail hot and fervent kisses to Beam's body downwards until he reached Beam's most sensitive vein in his body. 

"Arrghh...fuck!" Beam growls as the man engulfed his rock-hard shaft and firmly sucked its head. 

"Ahmmm!" the man hums as he enjoys taking Beam in and out of his mouth. 

"Ssss... Ahhhnn!" Beam is already a mess as he slowly moves his hips, thrusting to the man's mouth. 

The man continued to bring Beam towards his heaven through his talented mouth and tongue as he continued to eat Beam's erection. 

"Argghh...I'm coming!" Beam whispers hoarsely as he is nearing his peak until he has reached it. His body shivers as he thrust upward towards the deepest part of the man's mouth that he could reach. A squirt of cum released from his satisfied shaft which the man indulged to swallow. 

Beam gape with his mouth wide open and his eyes tightly shut to savor the sensation that he just reached. 

The man licked Beam clean with his tongue and gently tugged the baby hairs surrounding the beautiful erection. 

Even with how serious and so cold the man is towards him, it is during this time that this man could be as hot as flaming lava with his desire to give Beam his sexual satisfaction. He never fails to satisfy Beam, not just himself and that's what Beam appreciated most. 

Beam has stayed and honored the bargain because he has also benefited from what is at stake, he loves sex and this man provides great sex aside from the big amount of money deposited in his bank account every month. 

He is the perfect sugar daddy for the medical student Beam Miller and the night is still young for the both of them. They were actually just starting. 


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