Chapter 3 Sugar Daddy

As his graduation is nearing, Beam got busy with a lot of school completion together with his best friends Chris and Kent. 

They have just submitted their last requirements and they are silently sitting in the chairs outside the medical faculty office. 

"Thank goodness it's all done" Kent mumbles in relief as they savor the moment that a heavy chunk seems lifted from their shoulder. 

"I want to go to the bar tonight! Let's enjoy it while waiting for our graduation" Chris suggested. 

"That's a great idea. Let's go to the bar tonight, it's been a while anyways that we haven't gone there" Beam agreed and excitedly exclaimed. 

As they have planned, they meet in the bar that night. Three of them are already seated at their usual table, enjoying their beers and a lot of attention from the girls. 

They have their partners after a while, Chris and Kent are making out in the open while Beam's girl is nuzzling his jaw and neck. Beam enjoys the girl's attention but he made it clear not to kiss him on the lips. She can kiss any part of his body but not on the lips. 

It's been a long time that they have enjoyed the bar, they've been very busy with their hospital work and school requirements. 

It's almost midnight when they decided to leave the bar together with the girls. Beam just like Chris and Kent plans to take the girl to a hotel, it's been years since he had taken a girl, although his friends did not know about it. They thought every time Beam is out of reach they assumed he is with one of his girls. 

Beam is a casanova and everyone knew it. He can get any girl without making a move, girls flocks on him. All he has to do is choose. 

Chris and Kent left before Beam went to the restroom. He ushers the girl to the parking where he parked his car. They had almost reached the car when his phone vibrated for an incoming message. 

"Ahh fuck" Beam mumbles when he opened a blank message. He ran his fingers through his hair before he turns to the girl. 

"I got to go, something came up. Maybe next time" he hurriedly apologizes to the girl who gaped at him in total surprise. He speeds away from the bar leaving the surprised girl in the parking. 

He is in confusion while driving towards the usual place. He thought that the man was out of the country, how come he is here. Although it's not indicated in the contract that he will not take any girl while he is with the man, it's his decency that preempted him to do so until tonight, thinking that he was out of the country. 

He opens the door slowly as usual when he enters the room. He immediately spotted him on the balcony looking at the whole city dazzling with night lights below. 

He immediately went to the bathroom to take his shower before the man could smell him. He smells like the girl's perfume, his clothes also have lipstick stains on them. He has to discard the clothes again. He neatly folded it and threw it in the bin. He finishes his shower in no time and he puts on his usual clothes that have always been readied in the closet. 

The man is still outside the balcony overlooking the whole city. He looks serene yet intimidating. His back is rigidly cold while in deep thoughts. 

Beam just sat down on the bed trying to wake himself from drunkenness. He just consumed five bottles of beer but he feels dizzy. 

He was lost in his thoughts when the man went inside the room closing the sliding door. He did not spare Beam a glance while he approached his side of the bed. If they have a normal relationship, Beam also wants a normal conversation from time to time, but what they have is unusual and he has already accepted it a long time ago. 

The man lay down on the bed and pulled Beam to lie on his side. Beam just let the man with what he plans to do. He nuzzles on Beam's neck, gently kissing his skin while Beam closes his eyes. He enjoys the attention from the handsome man until his touch becomes rough and demanding, his kisses become fervent and hungrier. Yes, the man is seemed to be hungry tonight. He would suck Beam's neck and he is not trying to hide those marks. Beam is confused with the man's actions, he has never marked him but now he is marking Beam in visible spots for everyone to see. 

The man sometimes is a beast in bed, he would eat Beam with his intense passion and lust, making Beam more aroused. He likes the way the man controls him. 

"Argghhh...fuck!" Beam growled, he was bitten inside his thigh just near his crotch. His body jerked up and propped himself to look at the man between his legs. For the first time since they were together, he was greeted with such coldness. It sent chills to his spine. The man's gaze seems to spit fire too, burning him under his intent gaze. 

He gaped at the man's face looked grim in total confusion and it deepened when he cannot remember anything that could possibly trigger the man's foul mood. 

"I don't want to share what is mine...bear that in mind" the man muttered coldly, making Beam surprised and confused. What does he mean by sharing what is his? He also looked angry which confuses Beam more. 

"Arghh..." Beam yelped again when the man bit his other thigh and tightly squeezed his legs. 

"One more day and you are free, but until then, you are mine and mine alone. No girls or no boys between us. I'm paying for your body, every part of you has been paid" the man continued with his cold tone while Beam was rendered speechless, gaping at him. 

He knew the man knew that he is about to take some random girl for a night. He never expected that his every move was watched. It never happened before, maybe because he never did it previously. He was just ecstatic earlier when they have finished their requirements and will be graduating tomorrow, it slipped his mind about the unspoken rule. 

"I'm sorry, I thought you are out of the country" Beam muttered cautiously. 

"It doesn't mean you can throw a party by then" the man retorted grimly. 

"I'm sorry..." Beam responded forlornly, he doesn't want the man to be disappointed with him and he felt awful. He felt like a cheating boyfriend. Beam was so shocked by his thoughts. He will never be a boyfriend to the man, he is too prominent to be involved with someone as lowly as he is, a sugar baby. He is flattering himself too much. 

The man stared at him more before he continued what he was doing. His rough touches and kisses show his dark mood. 

The man seems unconcerned about the pain he is inflicting on Beam's flawless body, he just continues to devour Beam with his aggressive attacks while Beam lets him. He is at fault and he deserves the punishment if that is what it's supposed to mean. 

"Ahhhnn!" Beam moans when the man suddenly lifts his hips high and rimmed his hole giving Beam heaven on earth. The man is still pleasuring him despite what he did.

After the little pain the man inflicted him, Beam unexpectedly craves for more. The little pain made him more aroused and it is giving him unfathomable pleasure. His little mishap was obviously forgotten. 

"Argghh fuck! Ahhn!!" Beam continues to writhe in pleasure as the man is serving him his seventh heaven. He loves the man's possessiveness, it's like an aphrodisiac to his desire. 

Beam loves the man's expertise in bed. He may be the sugar daddy but he never neglects Beam's satisfaction every time they are together. That's why Beam learns to love this situation even if he is the kept secret of this powerful and influential man. 

Sex is always satisfying with him and he can't help it a craving for more. Despite his little mishap, his sugar daddy is wholeheartedly serving him tonight with his expert tongue and delicious body. 


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