Chapter 55 A Great Break

Beam went home early and he had already finished with his shower when Archer entered their bedroom looking so troubled. Instantly, he knew something was not right. Like him, his husband had a not-so-great day.

"Hello love, how was your day?" Beam walked to Archer who looked so worn out. He helped him loosen his tie and took off his coat. 

"Not that great, love, but I'm fine, now that you are here with me" Archer playfully replied with a smile even if his face looked tired and haggard. 

"Cheesy…" Beam scoffed but smiled sweetly at his husband. 

"I'm not being corny, my day would always turn brighter, whenever you are around, Beam" Archer seriously muttered while caressing Beam's handsome face. B

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Claire Abaton
I hope there's a baby girl now or baby Thea ............

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