Chapter 60 This is Us (END)

Theo is in Beam's arms while they walk towards a man who is so powerfully handsome for Beam's peace of mind.

Beam chooses not to proceed but instead, he gestures to Theo to keep quiet as they sit down on the couch not far from that man. Theo thought they would be playing so he also stayed quiet and even put his index against his small lips.

"So what's your plan tonight Mr. Grey, I could accompany you, I'm so available" the lady who is trying her best to exude that alluring look waits for the man to acknowledge what she just suggested.

"I'm good, Miss...? What's your name again?" Archer asked even if he sounded unconcerned. 

"Please call me Strawberry, Mr. Grey" the woman flutters her eyelashes and sweetly smile

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Claire Abaton
thank you for this beautiful story..I really love it so much ............ I hope I can read another beautiful story of yours author ...️...️...️...️
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Thabitha Mamaidi
I wish I could go on reading. What a wonderful story ......
goodnovel comment avatar
Ditto, so many amazing moments in this story had me binge reading this today. Well done, I really enjoyed the entire concept

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