Maaysa didn't like how her plan is trying to fail so she left the cafe and stood outside Hidaya's car then called her to come outside that she didn't lock her car. Hidaya grumbled and kept her meat pie before adjusting her heels and left the cafe to where Maaysa is. She opened her car and find it locked so Maaysa tricked her into this right? But for what?

Maaysa knew Hidaya would come out if she is told that her car has problem because it has happened to her once. She left her car opened and the next thing she knew is that it disappeared so she stopped leaving chances for that and especially not to her favorite new car.

"Assalamu alaikum." She heard a masculine voice from behind her making her jump on her feet and would've being lying flat on the floor if not for the strangers hands around her shoulder. "I'm sorry I frighten you." That same voice apologized with a hint of concern and she melted before turning around to find the source of t

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