Chapter 10

Alpha Jasper paced angrily in the room, his head burning with anger. His boots hit hard against the floor as he walked tho and fro. 

"Jasper, you need to calm down". Kylie said tiredly and Jasper turned to look at her. 

"Calm down?!" He roared.

"How the f**k do you expect me to be calm, Kylie?? When I just lost some pack members to that worthless Zane??" 

His eyes were blazing. 

"Well, I.... I think he must've retaliated due to the attack you had launched on some of his members. Remember I tried talking you out of it, Jasper; but you wouldn't listen...."

"Shut up, Kylie!" He cut her off. 

"I don't need your pathetic blames. That's not what I need now!!" 

And Kylie's lips went shut. 

Just then, his beta walked in. 

"Alpha" Ethan called with a bow. 

"The witches are here".


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