Chapter 12

Kaylan stared curiously at Alpha Zane, wondering what could possibly be written in the letter that made him shoot her a glance. She had a feeling whatever was written in the letter had to do with her. 

She lowered her gaze to the floor, her knees still hurting. 

"Get up, Kaylan" She suddenly heard Zane say and looked up at him. 

She was puzzled for a second, but stood up the next. 

Zane walked towards her afterwards and stood right behind her. He touched her neck and caressed the smooth skin. 

"Get ready, Hunter's daughter". He whispered into her ears.

"Tonight, you'll be in my bed". 

His words sent heavy shivers down Kaylan's spine as she forced herself not to look up at him. Be in his bed? She was never going to let that happen. Never! She was never going to be in his bed. 

 "Darci!" Zane called and the

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