Chapter 15

She buried that gem herself! Kaylan thought. Who else could possibly have it???

No; whoever it was, it was definitely a lie. It couldn't be possible; unless there was something wrong. 

"You know" Zane touched a strands of her hair as he licked his bottom lip. 

"I actually wanted to keep you for myself, and do as I wish, but it's so unfortunate I'd have to push you over to someone else. Either ways, no hard feelings; I'm sure Alpha Cleo would do a very good job on his part".

He held her arm and lifted her from the floor, taking her towards the bed afterwards. What?

Kaylan could feel her heart in her throat as they got to the bed and he pushed her on it. No; what is he doing??

She flinched as she stared into his cold face. 

"Before I hand you over" Zane stated coldly as he loosened his belt.

"I'll be sure to draw enough pleasure fro

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