Chapter 16

Alpha Zane had realized how stupid he was to fall for this trap. If not for his urgent back up plan, Kaylan would not be in his possession. Kaylan, him and Adrian are all on the ground, playing dead and Kaylan was scared as shit. Her fingers trembled continuously as alpha Cleo and his men cane forward with a happy smirk, thinking their plan had worked

 They walked pass them and walked right into the carriage. Kaylan began to wonder why they had rode a horse in the first place. This is the twenty first century for fuck sake, why horses instead of cars?

“ They are not inside. It was a trick” one of alpha Celo’s loyal subject said and the smile on his face drops immediately. He barged into the carriage, killing everyone there and let’s out a roar of anger and frustration.

“ Fuck! This is bad, Zane Never let

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