Alpha Zane

Kaylan couldn't help but feel so sorry for herself as she snuggled herself in the moving truck. Where does she go from here? How does she survive?

Her mother didn't keep friends. And as a result, she couldn't keep any friends either. She was rarely going out in the first place. Although, she attended high school, but that was it. 

She was the quiet and secluded type and due to her mother's history of being a hunter, most people saw it risky associating with her as well. Although, the mere humans loved the wolf hunters and appreciated what they did since they were trying to protect them from the beastly animals, but considering how powerful Kaylan's mother was, they just couldn't help but feel a little scared of associating with her. And maybe being the kind of lady she was, didn't really care or make any attempt herself. So, all she did was go to school, learn and return home. 

She only had one friend - her very best friend - who's name was Lucas. 

Lucas was also the son of a hunter and his mother and Kaylan's mother were very close as well. Lucas was mostly at the camp because of his mother and as a result, him and Kaylan became close. He hated the wolves with passion and usually went out with his mother to hunt. And that very night - the night their camp was destroyed, he'd been out hunting with his mum and her mum. And since her mother was being rumoured dead, Kaylan believed he might've killed as well. Although, she badly hoped that wouldn't be true.

She was missing him soo much; so terribly. She could never forget all the lovely fun they had together - the way they'd play around and spend a lot of time. That was the only person that made her secluded life know what friendship felt like. And now, he's gone as well. How did her life become this pathetic ?

Where does she go to from here? She had no friends, no family. How does she survive?

She sniffed and placed the gem back into her picked and just then, the truck stopped moving. 


Oh, no. 


Alpha Zane sat on his throne - like seat as the lady sat on his lap, caressing him.

His hands were on her thighs, while she moved tho and fro in between his legs, arousing him. Oh... she's always been the best at it. 

Zane let out a satisfying grunt as he moved his hand upwards to her chest, taking the full sized breasts into his palms. 

"Am I pleasing you, Alpha?" She asked in her sweet tone, turning her neck slightly but still couldn't see his face. 

"Yes, you are, Mandie" Zane replied and that was everything she Wanted. 

She put in more energy, trying to get the resting dick to touch her dancing butts. All she lived for was to please this guy - that was all she wanted. 

Just then, his beta - Adrian - walked in, shirtless. 

He was shirtless, but the crazy tattoos on his chest covered him completely. 

"Greetings, Alpha" he bowed and greeted as he stood in front of him. 

Zane didn't reply immediately as he took out time to lick Mandie's neck. 

"What is it, Adrian?" He finally asked, his lips still stuck on Mandie's neck, an act that sent so much tingles down Mandie's spine. 

"The messengers you sent after the Hunter's daughter are back" Adrian replied and Zane's eyes darkened immediately.

In one swift movement, he pushed Mandie off his leg and stood up. 

"Go to my room and wait for me, Mandie" he commanded and Mansi bowed and left immediately, feeling excited. 

Then, Zane turned towards his beta. 

"Why did you just say THE MESSENGERS? Where's the hunter's daughter?" He asked icily, but Adrian gave no reply. 

"Bring them here!" He rasped and Adrian bowed and left. 

Almost immediately, he returned with the three messengers who looked a little uneasy. 

"You had her location. Where's she?" Zane asked even before the boys took a stand in front of him.

"We're sorry, Alpha. She'd already ran off before we could get to the cave. We tried chasing her, but lost her" one of them replied, deciding to take the rest. 

Anger and disappointment ran through Zane immediately, the anger taking the larger space. 

He turned swiftly, took up an empty bottle on the floor beside him and threw it at one of them. Blood ooze from his head as the bottle crashed on it and he fell on his knees.

"Fools!!" Zane growled. "That's what you are!!! Do you hear me?? Fools!!! 

"I sent you on a simple mission, you told me you had her location already. Yet, you let her slip through your fingers. You let a mere human slip through your worthless fingers. How pathetic!" 

He kicked the table beside him. 

"Go out there and make sure you don't return until you have the Hunter's daughter. I need that lady by every means possible. I need to lay my hands on her before anyone else does. LEAVE!!!" He yelled and the boys bowed and left immediately. 

He fisted his hands angrily and held the table. That was the height of it. Why was she so difficult to get?? Why was she so difficult when he wanted her?? 

Damn it!!!

"Alpha" his beta called from behind, but he didn't make an attempt to look at him as he still felt so angry. 

"I know this isn't the right time to say this but, two members of our pack were killed last night. They'd been missing but a while ago, their bodies were found. We strongly believe Alpha Asher is behind it". The beta continued anyway, knowing Zane would be hearing him. 

Zane's anger only increased. Asher again??? He's bitten more than he can chew already. 

Slowly, he turned around to face his beta.

"It's payback time" he said. "Time to plan a sweet surprise for him". 

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