4- Trevor's heat

It had been a long time since Trevor had been so scared around an Alpha when he was in heat. His grandfather had trained him to be as strong as possible since he was eleven. He remembered being sick when he was ten, to this day he couldn't remember what had happened to him, but since then his grandfather had taught him to be as strong as possible, that's why he didn't look like an average Omega and wasn't as scared when facing an Alpha. He was smart and strong enough to escape an alpha even when he was in heat.

But today, it wasn't like that. His body was weak and screaming for protection. As soon as Trevor smelled the alpha pheromone, he struggled even more to reach his front door, but his body wasn't helping him at all! All he could think about at that moment was Max, who was in his room on the second floor. He tried his best to call him, but he didn't have the strength to speak aloud.

He couldn't be touched by anyone! Since he was already in this state, he was afraid that if someone touched him now, he might die with the shock his body would have.

Trevor had a disease that he had discovered when he was eleven years old, he couldn't be touched by men. Therefore, his heat was the most painful time for him. Because of his disease; Trevor could not possibly have sex with anyone! While he could do it with alpha or omega females, he found to his horror that his body was not attracted to them in the slightest.

Soon enough, he was attracted to some handsome men, but even if he wanted to rely on sex to relieve the pain brought on by his heat, unfortunately, he couldn't, because even a single touch from a man would cause his body a lot of pain! His body just couldn't stand to be touched by any man.

So year after year Trevor had learned to endure the pain when he was in heat, his body wanted to be touched but he couldn't actually let anyone touch him! This contradiction was so exhausting for him, but there was nothing he could do about it anyway, so the only way was to live with it, actually, it wasn't that bad since he hasn't really found someone to his liking.

Thus now Trevor wasn't afraid of being sexually assaulted, but he was afraid that his body couldn't take it if someone touched him now, as this heat was already more painful than his previous one.

Krist was Max's one night stand if you could call him that. He had had sex with Max once after that, the latter didn't call him once. Now it wasn't like Max had ever called him, he was the one who was in love with him and had done everything he could to get into Max's bed. He thought he could be with the man after that, but as everyone had warned him, Max Klayne wasn't looking for a relationship. After using you as he pleased, he wouldn't look at you again. That was the rule of the game.

But Krist couldn't believe he couldn't tame Max, so he thought he'd try again. The last time he was in Max's house, he had memorised the password to the door, so he thought he would try his luck, and to his surprise, the door was opened.

Walking in slowly he was greeted by a strong smell of omega pheromones, he clenched his fist thinking that Max must be with someone else but to his surprise he found a beautiful man lying in the living room in pain. He grinned at that and thought that he was still lucky, Max wasn't there, but instead he had found another treasure, the new guy at school that everyone wanted to try! He thought that Max must have wanted the man first.

When he looked around there was no one, he slowly approached Trevor like he was a prey. Trevor was still trying to get away, but Krist was emitting his alpha pheromone, which made Trevor tremble and hold him down.

"Don't struggle too much. I'm just going to make you feel good. Isn't this what you wanted when you came here for Max?" Krist said, licking his lips lustfully.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Look at you, you think you have the ability to make me feel good?" Trevor scoffed, feeling the need to slap the bastard across the face. Was he implying that he was there to be fucked by Max? Trevor couldn't stay calm when people treated him like a slut just because he was an Omega!

"You ... You've got some balls! Let's see you scream my name when I fuck you!" Krist was furious at Trevor's insolence and released more pheromones, causing Trevor even more pain. Krist's scent was not good to Trevor's nose, it made him want to puke.

Krist bent down to touch Trevor's face, but Trevor avoided his hand, and when he tried again, a cold voice came from behind him.

"Get your filthy hand off him," Max said calmly, but in a dangerous voice, so Krist immediately stood up and took two steps back.

Max looked at Trevor, who was lying there and for some unknown reason, he got angry when he remembered that Krist was about to touch his beautiful, delicate face.

"Max, I... just wanted to help him... not much, don't get angry" Krist was scared, he didn't know Max was there or he wouldn't have dared to approach the man lying there. Everybody knew that if you angered Max Klayne, you could kiss goodbye to your peaceful day.

"First of all, he doesn't need your help... Secondly, who are you... and why are you in my house?" Max asked as he stood in front of Trevor, acting like a shield for Krist's pheromones. The air turned cold, Max didn't like the lust in Krist's eyes still staring at Trevor and it made him even angrier.

Without knowing it, he was already releasing his pheromones. As soon as he released them, Krist couldn't take the pressure anymore, he went numb and fell to his knees.

"You really have a lot of nerve coming into my house and trying to fuck someone in my care..." Max grinned at Krist and continued, a sinister smile on his lips "You think you're good enough to touch what's mine? You dream too big, don't you?".

"I... didn't know Max... please forgive me... it won't happen again! I really didn't know...that...that he was yours... please!" Krist's face was ugly and pale, white as a piece of paper.

"I don't know what kind of asshole you are ... and I never want to see your face again! Now get out!" Max shouted out at Krist with a commanding voice. Krist walked out of the house as fast as he could without looking back.

Trevor was relieved when he saw Max come up behind the man who wanted to touch him, and he heaved a loud sigh. He instantly felt like there was no more danger for him. Still, he was afraid that if Max released his pheromones, he wouldn't be able to handle them, he was a dominant alpha after all. So he prayed that Max would drive his friend away without releasing them.

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Abigail Phillips
I love it so far! I love how Max is defending Trevor. ...
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Alexandra Missa Hamané
Now I want to see how Max will deal with Trevor in heat in front of him!! looking forwards!!

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