6 - First Breakfast Together

"What's the problem with your car?" Kalyx asked upon nearing him.

Sidhiel just wished that he doesn't look so bad. He felt so small beside Kalyx, because he literally is smaller than the man.

No word came out of his mouth. He thought that this was better than stuttering in front of him.

"Let me see your car." Kalyx held the hood of his car.

Sidhiel just stood there watching Kalyx while the latter was checking the engine of his car.

"The problem was the radiator. You also need to tune this up." Kalyx said after a few minutes.

"I-Is that so? Thank you. I can handle it from here. You should go." He said wanting to get away from Kalyx.

"Where will you go? Why does your car seem so full?" Kalyx asked not commenting on Sidhiel's words.

"I just had to go somewhere important."

"I think it's better if I just drive you to where you're going," Kalyx said.

"Huh? Uhm.. I d

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