11 - Jealousy

Kalyx smiled at him softly.

Then he bent his head again to kiss Sidhiel again. This time, it wasn't just a light kiss. It was deeper and passionate.

Sidhiel doesn't know how to respond. He just closed his eyes and mimicked the movement of Kalyx's lips. He felt light-headed. He fisted Kalyx's shirt under his palms. Kalyx's hands traveled down Sidhiel's sides causing the boy to shiver at the warmth seeping through his shirt from Kalyx's hands.

Kalyx's hands gripped Sidhiel's waist and pulled him closer until they were chest to chest. He banded his arm around Sidhiel's waist while his other hand traveled up, cupping the back of Sidhiel's head and tilting it to accommodate their kiss even more.

Kalyx nipped Sidhiel's upper lip, not stopping until it was swollen. Then he focused on the lower lip, biting it and eliciting a gasp from Sidhiel. He thrust his tongue in the boy's mouth and roamed around, tasting it.

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