12 - His Only Rescue

"I was about to tell you the reason, but it looks like I don't have to because you don't care. Get inside. I'll go ahead." Kalyx walked past him and went straight out of the gate.

He wanted to call after him and stop him from leaving but shyness had crept up on him again. Besides, why is Kalyx so angry?

Sidhiel shook his head and entered the house. He saw their long-time cook and helper, Mrs. Porter.

"Oh, Sid, you'd arrived. Have you talked to Kalyx already?" She asked.

"Yeah." He answered shortly.

"He'd been waiting for you since five pm. Have you seen the flowers and his gift for you?"

"What?" He exclaimed. "W-Where?"

"There." She pointed towards the sofa. On the center table was a bouquet of flowers. Beside it was a big paper bag.

He walked towards it and took it. He bid goodnight to Mrs. Porter and went up to his room.

He put the flowers in a vase and giddily stared at it. Then, he opened the paper bag and pulle

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