14 - Fast Forward Wedding

Two days later, Sidhiel found himself standing beside Kalyx in front of a judge.

When the judge said that he and Kalyx are now husbands, instead of feeling relieved, he felt nervous even more.

The judge shakes their hands then said that they can now seal their marriage with a kiss.

Sidhiel gathered all his courage to turn and face Kalyx. Kalyx's eyes seem to be saying something, but before he could identify it, Kalyx's lips captured his already.

Their kiss was short, but Sidhiel felt his knees weaken. Kalyx seemed to know it because he surrounded Sidhiel's waist with his arms.

The way Kalyx was holding him was full of gentleness like he's some kind of a porcelain doll.

After a small party in celebration of their union, they head to a flat that was owned by Kalyx.

"I'm sorry if this is where we'll stay for a while," Kalyx explained when they entered the flat.

"This is okay," Sidhiel said timidly whi

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