19 - Reconciliation

When Sidhiel finally managed to stop himself from crying, he and Kalyx are now sitting on the grass, facing each other.

"Now I know why Mommy is so distant to me ever since I was a child." He told Kalyx in narration. "In a way, I understand her, you know. She was raped. She's mad at my father. And I remind her of what happened. But still, a big part of me wants to be angry at her." He admitted.

Kalyx just listened. His hands were caging Sidhiel's small ones, like he's giving him the strength to continue.

"It was not my fault." Sidhiel's tears started to appear again. "I just wished she had been a mother to me." He stated forlornly.

"What ever it is that happened, it did not happen without a reason. There were lessons learned. And that's what matters. We learned something from it." Kalyx finally said. He pulled Sidhiel and encased him in his arms again.

They remained that way for around five minutes.

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