Mrs. Cruz sat at the armchair which belongs to the CEO of  MAXIS CASINO. While the rest of the board sat round the table at the conference Hall. The meeting was already going on when the door click open as Natash walks in accompanied by Robert and Derrick.

Natash walks in wearing a red Italian trouser suit, a dark beaded necklace around her neck. Her dark platform heels increasing her height with so much grace. Her makeup were shimmering as her pink glossy lips were inviting and yet venomous. walking into the conference room, her shoulders high and her eyes piercing each and every board members. Everyone seems surprise at her presence as they all stare at her not sure what was going on. There was only one empty seat left and without waiting for an invitation, she sat down.

“ This is a private meeting, what the hell do you think you are doing?!”

Mrs. Cruz asked as she stood up clenching her fist tight.

“ Am fully aware this is a private meeting mea

Perry will

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