“ Robert taught to himself that Mrs. Cruz was not the one to back off so easily and yet she has been quite after the event with senator Evans.

“ Yes Robert, I also think so. She is definitely cooking up something else, but I will be waiting for her”

A seed of determination in her eyes as she sips through her cup of lemon tea. Robert stare at her for some minute not sure whether he should bring this up.

“ How many more to go?"

He asked as the question surprised her.

“ What?!!”

“ I mean how many are left in your list of revenge?”

“ Robert we are in a public place, you should never ask me such, I won't rest until all ten of them are down to the ground begging for mercy!”

Her eyes burning with fire, he hates that look in her eyes, each day her determination for revenge just kept growing stronger.

“ I can't wait to see the day you will be happy again. I miss your smile Natash!!"

His gaze soften on her, he never called her by her name and even his actions surprised her a bit.

“ Soon! Soon Robert and all these will be over”

He stretch his hand forward trying to meet hers, but she quickly withdraw her hand away from the dinning table.

“ Robert let go! There is still so much to be done at the office”

She stood up, walking out of the restaurant gracefully.

It was the fifth anniversary of NATEL FASHION WORLD, and Natash made sure everything was perfect ranging from the large hall all Decorated with red, despite how elaborate Natash wanted it to be, she couldn't forget that her enemies were still at her back pointing a gun at her. The hall was indeed spacious  decorated with lavish and glowing Chandler's, the flowers were all red, blooming with a very perfect aroma, chairs were arranged in circles. There were several kinds of wine on the buffet table as the waiters and waitress were all walking around the hall carrying a tray of variety of wine.

The event started with a few fun showcase like dancing, comedy, and songs after which the fashion show began properly with each model cat walking and wearing each design from the latest collection. Natash is not a good designer, but has eyes for rare talent made her able to scout out the best designers in new York, Los Angeles and around the world.

After the catwalk, the m.c announced the arrival of Natash.

“ Ladies and gentlemen, the queen of NATEL FASHION WORLD has arrived and I will like you all to be on your feet and welcome the QUEEN!!”

As he spoke, no questions was asked, everyone stood to their feet, the door was opened wide as Natash walks in, wearing a large red ball gown, design with pretty flowers, Even as she walks towards the stage, it swept her feet, it was designed by the personal designer of the queen of England. Her hair were styled updo and several flowery clip were attached to it, her makeup was perfect, bringing out her perfect pointed nose and the lashes made her look like a goddess. She was accompanied by Robert on her right and Derrick on her left, and as she walk with those six inch heels, the whole crowd was magnified with her beauty, everyone watch in envy, her boldness was intimidating as she carried herself with so much grace.

Stepping on the stage, the M.C. bows his head while handing over the mic to her, even as she stood before the crowd, there was not even a hint of smile on her face, all that could be seen was pride and grace.

“ Welcome everyone to the fifth anniversary of NATEL FASHION WORLD. Before I started these company, I was a nobody living on the street with no one to turn to. Those who came to me with the disguise of helping me sold me away, they made a mockery of my dignity, believe me there were times it got really hard for me and all I just wanted was to end my life, but I didn't, I stood up from the gutters, I cleaned myself up when everyone refuse to clean me, I gave myself comfort when nobody gave me, I rose high up to my feet, I built this company from nothing. But there were people who stood by me even when the company was at it most difficult peak, thanks to people like Robert, Derrick, Kyle and Oliver who never gave up on me, who never gave up on these company. Ladies and gentlemen, NATEL FASHION WORLD is never going down instead we will keep raising until we reach the helm so if you are still in doubt of investing your money here, I can assure you, no one does the magic better than I do, and that is the reason am the queen of the game. Welcome to our fifth anniversary and enjoy yourselves!!”

As she drops the mic, there is a loud cheering and around of applause from the crowd while they kept chanting


They kept chanting while Natash walks off the stage to mingle with each of her guest. As she welcomes her guest, Derrick followed behind her introducing each one of them and the company they were representing these helped her in relating freely with them, able to distinguish the friends from the foes.

Natash was finally tired from all the talking as she walks over to the rest room trying to make sure her makeup was still in order, suddenly she could hear whimpering outside the restroom, at first she taught it was nothing and proceeded with powdering her face but then the voice grew louder, she rushed outside on the floor lay a little girl of about nine years, she was holding her stomach tie and crying.

“ What is it young girl, and how did you get in here?” 

I ask cause obviously kids were not allowed at the party, but she couldn't speak cause she was in pain as she kept whimpering.

“ My tummy!! It hurts badly!”

The little girl managed to speak still holding unto her tummy,  suddenly a memory flashed through her mind, she could remember when she ate poison meant for her boss Mrs. Cruz at that time, she kept crying all through the night, throwing up non stop but no one came to her aid. Staring at the little girl, her heart ache, she felt these pain in her heart, she rushed to the little girl as she embrace her trying to console her, but the pain wasn't going away and suddenly blood were dripping from her mouth which scared Natash more. She quickly brought out her phone dailing Kyle.

“ Kyle! Send my driver to the rest room right away, there is a child we need to rush to the hospital!!"

She spoke with panic in her voice.

“ Yes Boss!"

Kyle spoke before hanging up.

Natash held on to the little girl very tie, her eyes already filled with tears even as the blood gushing out from the little girl's were all over her body, she didn't mind as she held on to her tie.

“ It hurts......I can't......I can't.... breath”

She cried out still clutching to her stomach.

“ It okay dear! Just a little more patient..... help is on the way.......I won't let anything happen to you”

Natash spoke as tears roll down her cheek, she didn't notice her driver walked in.

As Adam received a call from Kyle while he was busy having fun at the party, he immediately rushed over to the rest room and was shocked to see the scene before him, never did he believed he could witness a day where tears were rolling from the eyes of his boss over the pain of another.

“ Boss! Who is she?"

He asked as he move close to them.

“ I don't know........I found her like these, help me get her to the car, be fast!!”

Natash ordered as her voice broke in-between her tears, Adam couldn't believe she was crying over a child she knew not the identity, he quickly carried the child, rushing to the car  through the back of the hall to avoid attention as Natash followed him.

Even while Adam drove to the hospital, Natash sat at the back seat still holding the little girl in her arms, her clothes filled with blood and her eyes with tears, Adam couldn't stop staring at her from time to time from the front mirror.

Arriving at the hospital, she was immediately admitted to the emergency ward as Natash followed the doctor behind while she was wheeled away.

“ Doctor please!! You have to save her...... please!!"

Natash begged, she was at her weakness, she hate being weak but right now she was traumatize by the pain the little girl was going through.

“ Do you need anything?”

Adam asked while she sat at the waiting area.

“ Am fine! Inform Kyle to find the guardian of the girl and why in the world was a little girl at a party meant for grown-ups!!”

“ I really don't know boss, but I will inform Kyle right away! Are you sure you don't need anything?"

“ Water!"

She spoke silently that he could barely hear her, and then he walks away.

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