Young Love
Young Love
Author: Cocole
Chapter 1

"Make it a goal to learn without competing. A lot of students now are purely driven by pressure to top one another. While it's okay to aim for better, do not cross the line where you develop an unhealthy relationship between you and your classmates." ani ng aming guro na si Miss Verna. She is our Prof in Operation Management and Tourism. 

Lagi siyang ganyan, always saying encouraging words. I can say that she's my favorite professor since I'm in first year of college, now that I'm in my 2nd year I still can't deny that I still want the way how she teaches. My realization is sometimes no matter how difficult a subject is if you teach well and tackle the lessons calmly ang subject na pinakahirap ay magiging pinakamadali.  

" Don't forget to do your assignment okay? So if you have nothing to question, let's call it a day. " said Miss Verna habang naka ngiti. 

" Thank you ma'am." tugon naman namin ng aking classmates. 

"Nathalia, Tara na!" nakita ko'ng papalapit si Mayah sa pwesto ko, I was already putting the notebook and ballpen in my bag.

Mayah Randrill is my only bestfriend, I have other friends but she is the only one na talagang pinagkakatiwalaan ko. We're bestfriend since gradeschool. Marami kaming pagkakaiba pero pagdating sa pagluluto ay magkatugma kami. 

"I'll copy your take down notes later, " he said as he approached my seat

I always take down notes of all the important things my professor iscussed kasi may mga kaalaman din sila na hindi nababasa o nakikita sa libro. 

"Walang problema ,let's go. " I said to her

We were walking on the hallway when I saw Darryl in front of the room kung saan kami mag kaklase. 

"Omg! Nandyan na naman ang iyong prinsipe." Mayah said while teasing me.

When Darryl saw us arriving he was immediately alarmed at inayos ang kanyang buhok gamit ang kanyang kaliwang kamay. I ignored him and when I was near at the door he spoke, 

"Thaly, can we talk."

Siya lang ang tumatawgg ng pangalan na 'yon sa' kin. I looked at my watch first and there were still five minutes before class started. I still have five minutes to look at my notebook and read.

"Thaly, please!" I heard Daryl shout. I'm in the room and I have no intention of talking to him. It's a waste of time. Boys are waste of time. 

"More than a year of courting you ay nanatili parin siya, hanga na talaga ako kay Darryl! " ani Mayah. Hindi ko na lang siya pinansin at nagbasa na lang sa aking notebook.

I was in my first year when Darryl Devanadera courting with me I always told him to stop because I have no interest to him, almost every day he was in front of our room, my classmates and other professor here in our department probably already know him. I don't pay attention to it because he's not my type , his body is well -shaped and you can really see the muscles in his arm and their uniform suits him better, he's hair is in army cut, he has those brown eyes and it's perfect round , its eyebrows are also thick and the lips is quite thin. He's actually the definition of a person that's tall, dark and nevermind. I can't find him appealing.

At ang pinakaimportanteng dahilan kung ba't ayaw ko sakanya ay dahil kay mama. 

"Dadating din ang panahon at mapapagod din siya. "I said reluctantly to Mayah. 

"Of all the people who courted with you before, he is the one who just lasted. Why don't you give him a chance." ani Mayah. 

Yeah. there were also people who courted with me but it didn't take long kasi nga ayoko na mawala tiwala sa'kin ni mama at ayaw ko rin muna magkaroon ng bagong problema.Malambing lang naman ang mga lalaki pag nanliligaw tapos pag sinagot na sila ng mga babae ay ihihinto na rin nila, magiging cold na sila. 

"Ayokong magpa-asa ng tao Mayah. Ayokong maliktikan kay mama at higit sa lahat hindi ko gusto si Darryl. "

Hindi na lang sumagot si Mayah at nagtipa na lang sa kanyang phone . It's been almost 15 minutes and we don't have a professor yet, ibig sabihin ay hindi na dadating ang guro namin. 

"Guys, Sir Obenza won't meet us but he gave us a task that needs to be submitted tomorrow. I'll send it to gc" said Jean, our class president. 

"Two hours vacant. " I whispered to myself and it didn't get out of Mayah's ear, 

"You're the only one I really know who complains when vacant." she said while clutching his bag over his shoulder

"I'm not asking for your opinion. " I pretended to insult her.

"Whatever! just join me in comfort room and let's just retouch." she said while wrapping his hand around my arm

"Let's go straight to the library later, let's do what sir Obenza asked us to do."

"You can do it, just let me copy yours. " she said trying to get a kiss from me. Gross

" Yuck!" 

"I love you. " she giggled

We just retouched inside the cr. Naglagay lang ako ng pulbo at liptint sa aking mukha while Mayah was putting a lot of make up on her face but still look natural. Just wow!. After a few minutes and finally Mayah was done we went straight to the library . We enter the library peacefully, this is the reason why I like it because it's quiet.

Oh my peace! 

"There! we will sat on that space." said mayah smiling, weird she is. When I invited her to the library, she was lethargic and wanted to go to sleep right away but now? Nakakapanibago. 

I just nodded and followed her as she walked. Quite a lot of people and mostly of them are criminology students, maybe their professor has give a research paper for them. When Mayah sat down, naupo na rin ako sa tabi niya. 

While I was doing the activity that Jean sent to gc, I couldn't understand some words because it was just hand written by sir Obenza. I turned to Mayah and she was busy with her phone, she looked happy with the person she was talking to.

"Tignan mo nga 'to, hindi ko kasi mabasa. Anhirap naman kasing intindihin sulat ni sir Obenza." I said while showing my phone to her 

She turned to me in shock and avoided his phone so I couldn't see who she was talking to. "Just look at the next words there, you'll get it"

"I can see two words that can be connected in the next words here so I'm showing you right? Just take a quick look." I said

"Distribution" less than 30 sec she knew it immediately. One of the qualities I like about Mayah is clear eyes . Hope all. 

"Thank you." I said and then continue to write 

"Can I sit down? " Nag angat agad ako ng aking ulo because I knew who owned that voice. 

"Of course, go ahead and sit down, no one will sit there because there are only two of us here." Mayah said directly to Darryl and his companion. 

"Thank you." Darryl said smiling as he looked at me. 

I just look down at what I'm writing. I will only write a little, when I finish it, Mayah will copy her. I also researched her answer. 

"Vacant class?" I heard Darryl's question, I don't know who he asked but I'm sure Mayah will answer him

"Yep, it's only two hours," I heard Mayah brag, it's just vacant but she's happy. "but we have tasks left that will be handed over tomorrow. " she continued

"Nice, we're also having two hours vacant now, but we're here in the library until the end of two hours. We'll do research and we'll get attendance when we are done ." said Darryl. So? Need to share ? Need to finish the Research but talking?

"I get it. That's why there are so many criminology here, all of them are your classmates?" Said Mayah. Fortunately I could write while listening to them. Multitasking calls here. Duhh.

"No, we're only 40 in a class. Maybe those are from the other sections." said Darryl. Tsk. Ano 'to? Talkshow? 

"Okay ... oh wait I want to read a book, I'll just look over there. " said Mayah, because of what she said I suddenly turned to her, When did she love books?

"Can I come with you, I'll also look at a book about our research." said Darryl's companion

Darryl and I were left here and Mayah didn't even say goodbye to me. What a friend! I looked at her until my eyes can't see her. I just looked down again at what I was writing at tulad nga nang dati ay hindi ko siya pinansin. 

"Don't you have class later?" I heard Darryl ask

"Don't talk to me, I'm doing something." I said without looking at him. I heard his short laugh. 

"Okay, I'll just take the book to your room later. " he said, I immediately raise my head to look at him, I just realized that he wasn't talking to me. He had a call on the phone, I could feel the heat on my cheek. He put down his phone to indicate that he had finished talking so I just focused on what I was writing again. I will write only the last sentence. I didn't see him speak again until I finished writing it, I looked at him so I was shocked that he was staring at me. 

"You're not doing anything, can I talk to you now?" he said with a serious voice 

I didn't say a word and just resisted his gaze. if it's just eye to eye, I won't lose there.

"You also don't want to talk to me when I went to your room earlier so maybe now I can tell?"

"Spill it, magsasayang ka lang ng oras pag magpaligoy-ligoy ka pa." when I said that he laughed. Seriously? Is anything funny?

"May gaganaping ball ang section namin.. " he hung up 

"Then?" walang ganang sabi ko sakanya

"I need a plus one, I wish you were my date. " he said seriously

"I don't want to go. " was my direct response

"Please Thaly, it's mandatory because my grades also depend on it. Just now, I hope you'll grant me." he begged, his former leaning back on the monoblock is now slightly bent while both hands are on the table.

"Then find another women, ganon lang kadali."

"You know you're the only one I want." seryoso nitong sabi. 

I didn't say a word and turned my gaze in the other direction. Words? I don’t want to believe just words.

"If you agree, I'll do everything you want as in everything if you want my virgin body, I can give it to you, take it. " he said then laughed

"You're nonsense, not funny"

"Just a joke about the body, promise I'll do whatever you want." 

I thought of what he could do. Ahuh!

"Okay. I want you to stop me, stop courting with me."

Gusto ko na huminto na siya sa panliligaw sakin kasi wala rin naman siyang mapapala dahil hindi ako interesado sakanya, he can just flirt with others. I'm also irritated when he goes to our room when they're vacant, when he sends me food,give gifts every occasion because I don't really need all that, he's just wasting his time. 

He thought first before he said "Deal" seryoso pa nitong sabi. 

I don't know how I felt but there was a part of me that wanted to take back his answer but of course I knew in myself that my joy would still be in me because I can focus on my study.Wala na ring sagabal. Mahigit isang taon rin siyang nanligaw sakin. 

But seriously? That's how easy it is for him. I can tell now that his words are full of lies. 

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