Chapter 75

“Do you guys think it's stupid of me to keep doing family therapy?” I ask Mia, Noah, and Cameron. They all look around at each other, waiting for someone to talk. 

“That’s up to you,” Mia says. “If you think you need to do it to get the closure you need, then I think it’s exactly what you need,”

“You have to remember that you are un-hashing a lot of heavy stuff. You are reopening old wounds so that you can heal appropriately. It’s going to be tough in the beginning.” Noah adds.

“You said Uncle John is back to actually showing up, right?” Mia asks, and I nod. I forgot how long it’s been since we’ve sat and had a serious conversation about it all since she spends most of her time with Noah and I’ve been busy with Cameron.

“Did he give a good excuse?” Cameron asks.

“He went back to visit his AA mentor and talk about everything. His mentor helped him find a therapist here and Dad claims he is going daily now.” I say, sh

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What I want to know is where the crap her mom was after the therapy session. She certainly should have realized it was an intense one for her daughter and been there for her.

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