Chapter 7

I bust through the weight room doors laughing as Berry comes in just behind me. I toss my hands up in victory. 

“Victory is mine!” I spin to look at berry who inches closer with a suggestive smile on his face. “Ooh, Woah there buddy. Victory means a date. Not a kiss.” he chuckles loudly, tossing his head back and I’m kind of enjoy the sound. I look up at him with a grin on my face.

“So that means you’ll finally go out with me?” he asks happily.

“Ugh. I guess.” I roll my eyes with intense exaggeration as he wraps his muscular arms around my waist and hugs me tightly, spinning me around in a circle.

“Yes!” He hoots “Freaking finally!”

The door opens behind us as Mariah and Ari walk in and stop dead in their tracks, watching me come down from the spin and release myself from Berry’s arms. I clear my throat and look at Berry, who is grinning from ear to ear, and I elbow him in the gut.

“So... what’s going on?” A

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